China In-Vitro Fertilization Market, by Treatment, End User, Forecast by 2026

  According to Renub Research, the China In-Vitro Fertilization Market Growth rate will be double-digi (I-BusinessNews.Com, August 02, 2021 ) In China, millions of babies have been conceived by assisted reproductive technologies in the past few decades, mainly through In-vitro fertilization and Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI). In China, the increasing […]

Lab Automation Market Worth USD 5.5 billion by 2025: Increasing Expenditure on Research & Development by Pharmaceutical Companies

  (I-BusinessNews.Com, July 30, 2021 ) This report aims to provide detailed insights into the global lab automation market. It provides valuable information on the type, procedure, application, and region in the market. Furthermore, the information for these segments, by region, is also presented in this report. Leading players in […]

Cell And Gene Therapy Market Trends Include CAR T-Cell Therapy

  Cell And Gene Therapy market (I-BusinessNews.Com, July 08, 2021 ) Chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell therapy is increasingly gaining traction. In CAR T -cell therapy, T cells are collected from the patient’s blood and are genetically engineered to produce modified receptors at their surface, known as chimeric antigen receptors […]

Rituximab Biosimilars Market Trends Include Strategic Collaborations

  Rituximab Biosimilars market (I-BusinessNews.Com, July 08, 2021 ) Companies in the rituximab biosimilar market are increasing their product innovation and marketing activities through strategic collaborations. To sustain in the increasingly competitive market, companies are developing innovative products as well as sharing skills and expertise with other companies. While companies […]

HIV Drugs Market Trends Include Adoption Of 3D Bioprinting Technology

  HIV Drugs market (I-BusinessNews.Com, July 07, 2021 ) HIV drug manufacturing companies are increasingly adopting 3D bioprinting technology in the development and manufacturing processes of HIV drugs to reduce manufacturing costs and increase production efficiencies and expedite the process of drug discovery. 3D bioprinting is a manufacturing process where […]