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LEORON Institute announces Val Jusufi as new CEO

  Val Jusufi, CEO LEORON Institute   LEORON Institute logo   (I-BusinessNews.Com, February 02, 2021 ) Dubai, UAE – (Arab Newswire) – A founding member of LEORON, Mrs. Jusufi has led the executive and leadership team since 2010 – acting successively as Head of Business Development and Managing Director in […]

Guide to Choose Top Human Resource Software Technology

  (I-BusinessNews.Com, January 13, 2021 ) Human Resource Software, also known as a Human Resources Information System (HRIS) or Human Resources Management System (HRMS), helps organizations and businesses to manage employee records and information. The software mainly focuses on managing employee time and attendance, training and e-learning, recruiting, talent management, […]

Best HR Software – Latest Associated Trends & Applications

  Best HR Software (I-BusinessNews.Com, January 07, 2021 ) Human Resource Software is trending in market. Many organizations are getting it implemented for easing the process of human resource operations. Best HR Software enables organizations to manage employee data along with their attendance, payroll management efficiently. HR personnel has responsibilities […]

Enterprise Human Resource Software Systems in 2020

  (I-BusinessNews.Com, December 18, 2020 ) HR software enables organizations to streamline and simplify procedures in human resource operations by performing tasks like employee management, training and e-learning, and other critical aspects related to human resource management. Top 10 HR Software These are the HR Software : Paylocity HR Software […]