Human Resources

Ohires Protects Fair Dealing with Its Clients, Employees, and Partners

  Ohires Protects Fair Dealing (I-BusinessNews.Com, July 28, 2021 ) DUBAI, UAE — You could rack your brains for hours trying to describe the main features of a reliable, modern company. It is not always technical equipment or gold inlays on the walls of the office. The thoughtfulness of the […]

How will Ramadan be different this year?

  TGM Research (I-BusinessNews.Com, April 09, 2021 ) DUBAI, UAE — (Arab Newswire) — TGM Research has conducted a global survey of 9,612 participants (20-28 March), across 17 countries. We found that over 68% of Muslims will have their Ramadan celebrations impacted by COVID. Key findings from the survey include: […]

LEORON Institute announces Val Jusufi as new CEO

  Val Jusufi, CEO LEORON Institute   LEORON Institute logo   (I-BusinessNews.Com, February 02, 2021 ) Dubai, UAE – (Arab Newswire) – A founding member of LEORON, Mrs. Jusufi has led the executive and leadership team since 2010 – acting successively as Head of Business Development and Managing Director in […]