DmtDream Flexing his Legendary Frequency on New Visual “Legendary” Ft. Space King

Detroit, MI — DmtDream (Dmt)’s third official IGTV Drop and exclusive IGTV premier “Legendary” featuring Space King was on July 31st. Dmt, The Psychedelic Rockstar, broke into a new class once again to hit over 6,000,000 Streams in the first week with the visual “Legendary” Ft. Space King. The swagger and confidence displayed on this track has fans needing more from The Psychedelic Rockstar.

DmtDream is upping his feature price after an absolutely insane Month. This summer, a verse with Dmt, no promo, just the verse mixed and mastered will cost $850 with 50 percent down payment required upon purchase. A verse with full press and social media coverage will cost $1,500 with 50 percent down payment required upon purchase.

Dmt is opting to go exclusively to IGTV for all future music video premieres. Dmt is the newest IGTV’s music streamer. However, all visuals are accessible through the influencers Instagram’ page @thepsyedelicrockstar. He is giving artists a new place to get heard. DmtDream is excited to announce two promo options to get on Dmt’s IGTV channel: $500 for upload only and $850 for upload + promo. Artists can upload their full music video or audio to Dmt’s IGTV channel for more exposure.

“When I hit 25M’s on IGTV, both promo packages offered on my channel will Triple! Watch me take over the music scene with my “Tyler the creator energy”, all the goofy pocket watching, keep watching. I’m living my best one!” Dmt explains.

Dmt is breaking IGTV, he has racked up 2.5 Million streams with the premier of “Language of Love” – his official music video on IGTV. “Language of Love” is another official music video went live on IGTV released June 23, 2021. Following the debut visual, Dmt released “Every Color” officially showcased on IGTV July 2nd. “Every Color”, official music video streamed over 2.8 million times! Dmt has accumulated over 11 Million streams Through IGTV in 2021 across all three visuals!

The way Dmt attacks the beat with his confident flow simply leaves chills down one’s spine! Dream is really living his best one, he did not disappoint with new visual “Legendary” ft. Space King. DmtDream is really making his presence echo this year. Moving into 2021, the Psychedelic Rockstar was showing signs for a great year. The teaser “My Conscience E.P.” held 4 tracks giving Dmt’s fan base a taste of what’s to come showcasing his conscious message.

The E.P. did great numbers, however following the E.P., Dmt started his YouTube channel. Since the release of “Every Color” official music video and “Language of Love” official Music video, the Psychedelic Rockstar has opted to remove all audio’s to direct traffic through his YouTube & IGTV channels!

With all of his music getting released and getting positive attention in the media, both has allowed Dmt to gain a large fan base to eager for every drop. Dmt’s social awareness through Instagram, TikTok, & Twitter have been Phenomenal!

Dmt’s IGTV is a great place to check in on The Psychedelic Rockstar! There one can find links to his personal website for press coverage info., photo shoots, music released and yet to be released. It is also a direct platform to interact with the new up and coming Influencer! The Psychedelic Rockstar of 22 years of age is hella groovy! Moving towards 2022, exclusive music video premieres will be showcased through IGTV! Currently on IGTV, The Psychedelic Rockstar has 13 posts, following 389 people, & has 158K followers! On TikTok, The Psychedelic RockStar has 90K followers; he is following 46 people, and has 7K Likes! DmtDream can be found on both platforms @thepsychedelicrockstar.

IGTV Stats & TikTok Stats
“Legendary” Ft. Space King – Visual – IGTV – 6,219,114 Streams
Legendary Ft. Space King (Preview) – Visual – TikTok – 5.9 Million streamed
“Every Color” – Visual – IGTV – 2,826,924 Streams
Every Color (Preview) – Visual – TikTok – 2.6 Million streamed
“Language of Love” – Visual – IGTV – 2,506,058 Streams
Language of Love (Preview) – Visual – TikTok – 2.3 Million streamed

Tapping in with Dmt is much more than just connecting with another artist, it is much more like connecting with a new platform giving artists a new way to showcase some of the hottest music out to date! Working with DmtDream is the correct move for any artist looking to advance in the music world! “The advantage is more social media awareness, more coverage on your Music and brand. Getting you featured and covered on some of the biggest, hottest and creditable sources in the Hip-Hop industry!” Says Dmt.

Notable Inspiration to DmtDream Music @polo.capalot , @travisscott, @pontiacmadeddg , @machinegunkelly, @kidcudi, @postmalone and many other not listed.

Notable coverage are by “Medium” and “ThisIs50”. Both announcing him as “A Top Artist To Watch in 2021”. Other coverage of Dmt include RedX Magazine, NBC & CBS (Exclusive Interview), Apple News, U.K. Herald Tribune, Fox 43, Fox 40, SNN TV, Fox 28, Music Industry Watch, New Music Reporter, RFD TV, Music Industry Post, British Music Digest, Entertainment News, Music Industry Today and EIN News. Big shoutout to Elevator Mag!

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