Spunbond Nonwoven Market Projected to Reach $20.1 Billion by 2026

(I-BusinessNews.Com, July 29, 2021 ) Spunbond nonwoven Market is projected to reach $20.1 billion by 2026 after growing at a CAGR of 6.9% during the forecast period from 2021-2026. Rising demand of personal care and hygiene products is one of the prime factors boosting the demand of spunbond nonwoven market. Further, the increase in use of geotextiles in various applications is expected to fuel the demand for spunbond nonwoven. Spunbond nonwoven products provide advantages such as high burst strength and high resistance to heat and chemicals which has made it a preferred nonwoven product. Furthermore the increase in awareness and demand for disposable products is increasing the demand for disposable spunbond nonwoven, as they are environmental-friendly products.

COVID-19 impact

Amid the Covid-19 crisis, the spunbond nonwoven market, unlike other industries has seen a surging demand as it is most commonly used for manufacturing of wipes, face masks, gloves, patient gowns and several other personal care applications. The need for medical disposables such as gloves, face masks, medical gowns etc., grew during the period of the covid-19 pandemic, the production of such products rapidly increased which in turn lead to the increase in demand for disposable spunbond nonwoven as it is extensively used to produce these medical items. Further the spunbond nonwoven market is set to develop and grow more in the coming months of the year 2021 owing to the healthcare industry scenario caused by the covid-19 pandemic.

Spunbond Nonwoven Market Segment Analysis – By Product Type

The polypropylene segment held the highest share in the spunbond nonwoven in the year 2020, accounting for more than 55% share in the market. The dominant market share can be linked to the traits of polypropylene such as superior strength, high chemical resistance and lower price as compared to the other spunbond nonwoven products. Polypropylene is used extensively in many key use industries such as healthcare, construction, agriculture etc., owing to its superior quality in its properties such as high tolerance to extreme conditions, resistance to chemicals and high holding strength. Products made from polypropylene lasts longer than the other products. These are the major factors driving the polypropylene segment in the spunbond nonwoven market. It is further speculated to grow more in the upcoming years due to the increase in manufacture of healthcare products owing to the present scenario of the pandemic.

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Spunbond Nonwoven Market Segment Analysis – By Function

The disposable segment of spunbond nonwoven held the largest share in the market. This can be attributed to increase in need for disposable products in the healthcare and personal care sector. Disposable spunbond nonwoven provides various advantages such as easiness in producing, cheaper compared to other supnbond nonwoven products and the most sought out, given the present pandemic situation. The global demand for medical gloves increased rapidly leading to the increase in the production of medical gloves to 215 billion units in the year 2020, which is a 73% in the glove production as compared to the previous year 2019. This is driving the demand for disposable spunbond nonwoven products in the spunbond nonwoven market.

Spunbond Nonwoven Market Segment Analysis – By Application

Personal care & hygiene held the largest share in the spunbond nonwoven market. This could be attributed to the growing awareness of personal hygiene products in the developed and developing countries such as the USA and India respectively. Personal care & hygiene is expected to account for more than 45% market share.

Personal care & hygiene has been viewed as an important health ritual across the world in the present years. Personal hygiene helps one build confidence and provide with a good image among their peers in a social circle. Especially in APAC region there has been a surge in the need for personal care and hygiene which has increased the presence of spunbond nonwoven market in the region.

Spunbond Nonwoven Market Segment Analysis – By Geography

APAC region accounted for the largest share in spunbond nonwoven market, with countries like China, India, South Korea and Japan, having the most demand for spunbond nonwoven owing to rising standard of living of people in these countries. The demand for spunbond nonwoven products in this region can also be associated with factors such as development and demand from various sectors such as automotive, agriculture, personal care products and construction. The personal care and hygiene is expected to grow drastically, now even more, given the present pandemic situation, especially in countries such as China, India and Japan. The increase in activities in healthcare sector, owing to the Covid-19 virus, will also play a major role in the increase in demand for spunbond nonwoven products in these countries.

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Spunbond Nonwoven Market Drivers

Growth of medical and healthcare sector coupled with their excellent properties

The rapid improvement in medical and healthcare sector in recent years has resulted in increase in average life expectancy of an individual. This has led to easy access to improved healthcare facilities which in turn has increased the demand for disposable medical products such as drapes, wipes, face masks, patient gowns and gloves for the prevention of transmittable viruses and infections. This has led to the increase in disposable spunbond nonwovens. Spunbond nonwoven has been preferred most, due to its excellent properties such as high efficiency and quality. It also has a lot of other excellent traits such as high absorption, high barrier, uniformity breathability, high strength, elasticity and fibrous structure. It is also comparatively cheaper than the other products available in the market as its substitutes. It is a good choice of material for both disposable spunbond nonwoven and durable spunbond nonwoven types of products.

Increase in population

Increase in population has surged the demand for products such as sanitary napkins, baby diapers, sanitizers, personal washes, feminine hygiene items, adult incontinence products etc., which in turn has increased the demand for spunbond nonwoven products. In recent years, the need for personal care to improve lifestyles and health has been in the surge, which has given wider scope to markets such as spunbond nonwoven, which is used in great deal for producing disposable, high resistant and sturdy products. This is one of the major factor driving the demand and growth of the spunbond nonwoven market.

Spunbond Nonwoven Market Challenges

Volatile raw material price and high cost of finished goods

The prices of raw materials used to produce nonwovens are volatile and it is a big challenge to the market, since pre decided plans cannot be made based on the availability and prices of raw materials which increases the risk of uncertainty in the spunbond nonwoven market. The prices of the finished goods are also quite high and this is also a big challenge to overcome in the distribution process. For instance the price of spunbond nonwoven in India costs around Rs.25 per square meter whereas the alternative of spunbond nonwoven, which is Pp High Strength Woven Geotextile costs around Rs.14 per square meter. This is one of the major challenge faced by the spunbond nonwoven market.

Spunbond Nonwoven Market Landscape

Expansions, new product launches, collaborations, investments, acquisitions and mergers are some of the key strategies adopted by players in the Spunbond Nonwoven market. Major players in the Spunbond Nonwoven Market are Berry Plastics Group Inc., Kuraray Co. Ltd, Fitesa, Johns Manville Corporation, Pegas Nonwovens, Avgol Nonwovens, Kimberly-Clark Corporation, Toray Industries Inc., Kolon Industries, Inc, and Mogul among others.

Acquisitions/Technology Launches

On October 20, 2019, Israeli world leader in nonwoven manufacturing Avgol proposed to build an independent factory in Pithampur, Indore by making an investment for USD 158.74 million.

Key Takeaways

Asia-Pacific market dominated the spunbond nonwoven market and is expected to contribute more than 40% of the share in the market.

The two main reason behind the growth of spunbond nonwoven market is the increase in awareness about disposable products and also the ease in manufacturing of such products.

Among the pandemic, spunbond nonwoven has found a very good market in the healthcare sector as most of the important medical applications such as face masks and gloves are produced with disposable spunbond nonwoven materials.

The various advantages offered by spunbond nonwoven such as high resistance to heat, chemicals and other harsh conditions is one of the main features that is preferred by the consumers.

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