Dispersible Polymer Powders Market Forecast to Reach $2.8 Billion by 2026

(I-BusinessNews.Com, July 25, 2021 ) Dispersible Polymer Powders Market is forecast to reach $2.8 billion by 2026, after growing at a CAGR of 6.8% during 2021-2026. Globally, the increasing demand for dispersible polymer powders from the construction industry has raised the growth of the market. With the rising residential construction, as well as high spending on maintenance and repair in the building and construction industry, the market demand for dispersible polymer powders is anticipated to rise. Increasing demand for dispersible polymer powders such as vinyl chloride co- and terpolymers (VC), vinyl acetate-ethylene (VAE) polymer, and vinyl acetate-vinyl chloride-Ethylene (VAc-VC-E) in various end user applications has also raised the market growth. In addition, due to the increasing demand for hard coatings from different end-user applications, the dispersible polymer powders industry is further expected to increase in the forecast period.

Covid-19 Impact

Owing to labor shortages and the government shutdown norms during COVID-19, the construction industry was severely harmed, affecting the development of the dispersible polymer powders market demand. According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), actual global gross domestic product (GDP) was contracted by 3% in 2020, down from 2.9% in 2019. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) estimated that due to the COVID-19 pandemic the construction industry and other sectors in the United States experienced significant layoffs, which affected the dispersible polymer powders market growth in the forecast period.

Dispersible Polymer Powders Market Segment Analysis – By Type

Vinyl Acetate-Ethylene (VAE) Polymer held the largest share in the dispersible polymer powders market. It is a highly elastic, durable high-clearness and gloss thermoplastic with no smell. VAE has many attractive properties including low cost, excellent adhesion to many polar and nonporous substrates, good flex-crack and puncture resistance, as well as good hot-tack and heat-sealing. It improves olefin clearance and sealing (LDPE/LLDPE), whereas a higher percentage of VAE is also used to decrease the melting point and increase low-temperature performance. For a multitude of applications in the packaging and goods industries, VAE copolymers containing about 10 and 30 percent vinyl acetate are used. Significant applications include sealants for meat and dairy processing packaging structures, wire and cable insulation, pipes, footwear, and lamination of glass to improve impact resistance.

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Dispersible Polymer Powders Market Segment Analysis – By Application

Tile adhesives held the largest share with more than 22% in the dispersible polymer powders market in 2020 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 7% during the forecast period 2021-2026.. Tiles have esthetically appealing surfaces and practical benefits, such as waterproofing, rough and abrasion-resistant surfaces, long service life, hygiene and cleanliness. For these purposes, in the building industry, tiles are a major floor and wall covered material. Tile adhesive is a tile-bonding cement-based bonding which is one of the leading dry mortar types. It is the most widely used bonding material for building and decoration engineering. Since vinyl acetate-ethylene (VAE) polymer powder is used for high-performance tile adhesive it is considered ideal for holding ceramic tiles and polishing bricks, such as granite and natural stones. The tile adhesive includes a minimal volume of slackened lime, nitrate cement, and mechanical modifications added in compliance with the product consistency specifications. Functional additives increase the product efficiency and can be added by a grout application phase from the preparation to the final application. Thus, with the growing demand for tile adhesives the demand for the dispersible polymer powders market is also anticipated to grow.

Dispersible Polymer Powders Market Segment Analysis – By Geography

Asia Pacific held the largest share with 30% in the dispersible polymer powders market. Asia Pacific is expected to have the highest growth due to a rapid increase in the construction industry, an increase in the manufacturing sector, increased durability, easy installation and increased urbanization in developing countries such as China, India, Australia, and Japan.

Dispersible Polymer Powders Market Drivers

Increasing Use of Dispersible Polymer Powders in Wall Paints

A highly flexible process to manufacture decorative and high-quality paints is possible with dispersible polymer powder. Powder paints are low-smelling and durable with dispersible polymer powder, even without adding preservatives. Powder paints based on dispersible polymer powder often last longer than standard dispersion paints.

Rising Infrastructure and Construction Activities in Various Region

The growing infrastructure and construction activities across various regions are estimated to drive the market demand for dispersible polymer powders such as vinyl chloride co- and terpolymers (VC), vinyl acetate-ethylene (VAE) polymer, and vinyl acetate-vinyl chloride-Ethylene (VAc-VC-E). Changing paradigm of the manufacturing sector backed by huge financial investments will trigger the construction of production plants, warehouses, and other industrial structures. The infrastructure sector has become the biggest focus area for the Government of India. According to the European Commission the government’s objectives and priorities for future infrastructure investment are defined in the National Infrastructure Delivery Plan 2016-2021.

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Dispersible Polymer Powders Market Challenges

Health Effects of Dispersible Polymer Powder

Dispersible polymer powder can create various health effects through inhalation, skin contact, eye contact, and ingestion. Prolonged or repeated breathing of this material may result in chronic bronchitis (inflammation of the airways of the lungs).

Dispersible Polymer Powders Market Landscape

Technology launches, acquisitions, and R&D activities are key strategies adopted by players in dispersible polymer powder market. Major players in the dispersible polymer powder market are BASF SE, Puyang Yintai Industrial Trading Company Ltd., Akzo Nobel, Dow Construction Chemicals, WACKER Chemie AG, Archroma, and Celanese among others.

Key Takeaways

The Asia-Pacific region is leading the dispersible polymer powders market owing to the increase in adoption of dispersible polymer powders for application in newer industrial vertical and emerging economies such as China, India and others.

The growth of the industry is escalating with expanded funding from private organizations and the accessibility of raw materials. In addition, manufacturing of innovative products with the help of these powders and emerging of advanced technology is lavishing the growth opportunities for the market.

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