LeadBlasta, An Innovative New List Building Lead Magnet Creator Web App Launches


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LeadBlasta Lead Magnet Software: Build Your Email, Push & SMS Marketing Lists With Chrome Extensions

How To Create and Update Checklists On LeadBlasta And Add Multiple CTA Elements

(I-BusinessNews.Com, March 31, 2021 ) Pattaya, Thailand — An innovative and new form of content marketing. audience building and growth hacking tool has entered into the digital marketing space with multiple 5 star plaudits from marketers.

Leadblasta’s interactive checklist creator tool builds your audience on autopilot with three types of lists (email, push notifications, and also SMS marketing lists) on autopilot with set & forget growth hacking technology.
Leadblasta claims unique industry leading technology innovations as it creates both chrome extensions and Android apps, which can be updated in real time from the web app using API for both the chrome store and play store platforms, allowing for ‘on the fly’ updates to your best performing lead magnets, or even changing the call to actions (CTA’s) on individual or all apps at one time from the Leadblasta dashboard.

“Our initial case study chrome extension checklist which was a simple ‘YouTube SEO Checklist,’ now has almost 20,000 users within 8 months, and is adding new users daily into multiple email autoresponders as well as onto push notification lists and all on autopilot” commented Anthony Hayes, founder of LeadBlasta. Mr. Hayes Added “There’s so much power within the LeadBlasta technology and behind the simplicity of building these checklists as they are interactive, they have multiple CTA and marketing elements built in and they offer the end user and experience instead of a simple PDF. This is next gen list building for email marketing, SMS marketing and push notifications.

LeadBlasta is not a traditional lead magnet creator tool as its built by marketers for marketers and has additional outreach tools now built in with a full blown push notification publishing system as well as an SMNS publishing platform, that drip feeds sequences or can let you send broadcast messages.

About LeadBlasta:

Launched in 2021 LeadBlasta was founded by veteran internet marketing product creator Anthony Hayes and has claimed plaudits and 5 star reviews on appsumo as well within the digital marketing community. The vision and technology combined within the LeadBlasta system makews it a leader and stands it apart from competitors within the lead magnet creation, list building, audience growth and content marketing space.

For more information on LeadBlasta, go to https://leadblasta.com/.

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