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(I-BusinessNews.Com, January 18, 2021 ) Doha, Qatar – The Qatar media list below is available for press release distribution to journalists, editors, news analysts in the print, broadcast and online outlets in the area. First, here is a brief history of news media in Qatar.

The State of Qatar got exposed to media in the early 20th century with the circulation of the Gulf Press covering Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain, according to Media Buzz. It was not until 1972, the country got its first post-independence newspaper Al Arab followed by Gulf Times and the birth of The Peninsula in 1996. In 2004 Al Watan became the most circulated newspaper at 18,000. During this period, however, there was widespread government crackdown on the press; but the tough handling of the press was latter eased to self-censorship.

In the past decade, there has been a proliferation of media outlets in Qatar including newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations, online news sites and blogs. Al Jazeera and its affiliate beIN Sports, are global television networks that originate from Qatar with headquarters in Doha. Radio stations are largely own by the government through the Qatar Broadcasting Service. Some of the magazines in circulation are the business magazine The Edge, women’s fashion magazine GLAM, and Qatar Today. Qatar Construction News, Alef, Volante and Sur La Terre are other magazines in circulation.

Below are Qatar press release distribution media list. This list includes broadcast media (radio and television), print (newspapers and magazines), blogs and online news sites. To use this list for press release distribution to media in the State of Qatar, contact Arab to submit press release.

Qatar Press Release Distribution Media List

Al Raya
Al Arab
Al Jazeera
Al Raya
Al Sharq
Al Watan
Autoz Qatar
beIN Sports

Best Life Qatar
BQ Magazine
Doha Insight
Doha Insight
Doha News
Doha News
Doing it in Doha!
Essence of Qatar
Gulf Times

Gulf Madhyamam
Halal Traveller Guide
Lusail News

Middle East Chandrika
Middle East Eye
New in Doha
The Peninsula
Property Finder
Qatar Actu
Qatar Chronicle

Qatar Day
Qatar Eating
Qatar Gulf News
Qatar Morning Post
Qatar News Agency
Qatar Radio

Qatar Television
Qatar Today
Qatar Tribune
Raya Sports
Stad Doha
The Peninsula

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