Keep Dallas Safe Condemns “Radical Activist” Chief Candidates; Demands Aziz, Brackney, Garcia, and Ramirez Withdraw

Dallas, TX – (EMAILWIRE) – Keep Dallas Safe is deeply troubled by multiple candidates in contention for the role of Dallas Police Chief. This process has been corrupted from the start due to the ineptitude of City Manager T.C Broadnax who—for a second time—invited Next Generation Action Network (NGAN), led by convicted child abuser Dominique Alexander, to sit on the selection panel. Citizens should know, Broadnax, an unelected bureaucrat with a $400,000 salary, claims he has the authority to pick the next chief without official input from Mayor Johnson. We demand that Mayor Johnson, elected as the leader of Dallas, have a say in the choosing our chief.

Keep Dallas Safe is not currently endorsing a candidate for Chief of Police. However, we urge the following candidates to immediately withdraw from consideration due to their lack of interest in reducing crime and their radical ideas.

Withdraw Immediately

Malik Aziz: Mr. Aziz is a longtime associate of convicted criminal Dominique Alexander and has pledged to seek guidance from NGAN if he is selected as chief. This alone is disqualifying. Dominique Alexander even praised Aziz touting his “progressive” credentials. If you are endorsed by a man who hurt a child and was charged with domestic violence several times, why should Dallas residents feel comfortable with you as chief? KDS fears that a “corrupt bargain” is brewing between T.C Broadnax, Dominique Alexander, and Malik Aziz similar to the one struck with Chief Hall in 2017. Alexander will support Aziz for Chief and in turn will be free to riot, harass, and abuse without consequence. We must reject this corrupt bargain.

RaShall Brackney: Dr. Brackney is an East Coast radical who opposes the death penalty, which public safety advocates know is a strong deterrent to the most vicious criminals. Polls clearly show that a majority of Texans of all backgrounds support the death penalty in cases of murder. She has a history of touting liberal buzzwords, which does not align with KDS’s commitment to lowering violent crime in Dallas. Her academic credentials are impressive, but we need strong leadership of the department and a true commitment to discouraging, preventing, and ending the violence plaguing our city.

Eddie Garcia: Mr. Garcia is a California left-winger who is also too radical for Dallas. While we share his goal of officers engaging with the community, we feel that he is too soft on the worst offenders in our society and does not have the tough, no nonsense approach that Dallas will need if we want to reduce the current spike in the murder rate.

Ruben Ramirez: Despite having led Dallas Police Internal Affairs, Mr. Ramirez does not seem to believe in accountability and is a poor communicator- which are critical components in the role of Police Chief. When he met with KDS, he tried to blame rising crime on COVID-19 and a lack of “communication” to the people. When pushed on who should be doing that, there was no clear answer given. We need a strong communicator in the chief’s seat and Mr. Ramirez is not up to the task.

If any of these four candidates are selected, it represents a willful ignorance and disregard for the wishes of the citizens of Dallas on the part of Broadnax. These four individuals have no legitimacy to lead the Dallas Police. If selected, KDS will assume they have been appointed as part of a corrupt process, and we will campaign tirelessly for their termination by City Council. 

We again insist that Mayor Johnson have a voice in the process of hiring our next Police Chief, as he has been elected by the residents of Dallas and has a record of responding to the will of his constituents.

Our goal remains to Keep Dallas Safe, and we will work tirelessly to that end.
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