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(I-BusinessNews.Com, December 17, 2020 ) 360Quadrants, the most granular comparison platform, has released a quadrant on Best E-Commerce Platforms to help businesses make quicker and more informed decisions. Quadrants are generated post analysis of companies (product portfolios and business strategies) and will be updated every three months based on market and regional analyses and developments in the E-Commerce Platforms space. 360Quadrants conducts an in-depth SWOT analysis and accurately analyzes the companies considered for evaluation. This helps service providers in learning about new opportunities and areas where they lag behind their peers. It also helps clients in choosing the most appropriate vendor for their requirements.

e-Commerce Platform: Drivers and Limitations;

The international e-Commerce platform market is driven by the software that is user-friendly and also inexpensive for small scale businesses. The price of adding an ecommerce constituent to present business and enter in a newer market falls anywhere between US$ 100 to US$ 150 per month and it allows expansion through online business.

e-commerce is quickly accounting for a larger quantity of the total retail sales in the U.S. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, customers spent about US$ 194 billion online in 2011. With this kind of consumption and trend, a growing number of small and mid-size companies are taking the online platform for all or some of its operations.

However, higher prices of hybrid and cloud based software and low internet penetration rate in emergent countries are some of the important factors which are likely to restrict the growth of global ecommerce market in the near future.

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Benefits of best E-Commerce Platforms;

Here are the advantages of using the best e-commerce platforms:

Boosts promotion and marketing efforts – As stated earlier, best E-Commerce Platforms provide advanced SEO campaigns to help users raise visibility among potential customers and allow them to quickly locate the web. Also, users can use stylish concept models to enhance your branding efforts and create a better organizational identity without the aid of visual artists from outside parties.

Improves revenues – Best E-commerce platforms can increase revenue by continuing to drive more visitors to online shops, and by providing an adaptive web surfing functionality that allows users to find what they need quickly. Advanced programs also propose to customers free resources and goods which can improve up-selling and cross-selling incentives.

Enhances customer service – Online shoppers get a comfortable buying experience for e-commerce app bundles. We make it simple to search and locate different resources and items so it is fast and quick to checkout. In addition, on the platform, customers can monitor the order fulfillment and distribution status. Both of these conveniences will improve consumer loyalty and enable return customers. They can also refer their friends and contacts to your online store, which can broaden their customer base.

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