Best Project Management Software – Important Factors to be Considered Before Buying For Start-ups & SMEs


(I-BusinessNews.Com, December 04, 2020 ) Project management Tools provides users with the ability to handle an individual team, coordinate tasks, and record effectiveness. Companies can use project and portfolio managing tools to handle a large number of projects with similar characteristics.

Project interdependence is a major component of project management solutions since it is primarily used to organize tasks linked to a projected chain or a broader project. Users use the software to monitor various projects, monitor the progress of a team or individual, and evaluate the efficiency of a team. These products can be used practically in any industry where employees are required to organize projects, project tasks, and objectives for weekly, monthly, or yearly projects. Users typically have the ability to break down projects into assigned goals, create schedules for completing the project, assess progress, and collaborate with other members of the team.

Start-ups/SME may have a limited number of employees and in this situation, having the project management system can be extremely helpful. With the team being smaller in size, each member has more tasks and thus project management can go a long way with supporting everyone who focuses on their specific tasks. Project management software is a key constituent in keeping everyone productive and happy. While the tech sector has received the effect of the benefits that digital project management solution offers, other industries can gain just as much use out of the latest developments if they leverage them properly. It is also very important to look at the business requirements and assess the project management solutions offerings carefully, to ensure that the offerings meet the requirements. 360Quadrants has assessed a few factors which would help start-ups and SMEs in better choosing the best project management software, as below:

> Task Management – With a limited number of resources at hand, managing the Task becomes very critical, particularly in start-ups and SMEs. The right allocation of tasks to monitoring and completing them, project management helps all along the way.
> Standups – Automated standups help managers in getting better visibility of what all the team members are working on.
> Workflow – It helps in making sure that the project workflow is in order. There are generally a few variants of workflows, the two most widely used are Kanban and Sprints.
> Time tracking – Project Mgmt tools help start-ups not only does in monitoring the team and checking how much time are they spending on a specific project but it also increases their productivity.
> Productivity monitoring – Another crucial feature that any project management solutions should have is the capability to track productivity. Regardless of the size of the project, being able to understand how each team member is performing will make it much simpler to keep things running efficiently and get ahead of problems.
> Payroll – Project Management system allows businesses to make payments based on the time recorded for each employee. This is why choosing software that supports both time tracking and payroll is supreme.
> Integrations – One of the most important factors to look at before choosing the project management software for any start-up is whether or not it can house integrations.
> Inventory Software – If a start-up or an SME involves an inventory, then an inventory control program or module is important to have. This helps in determining the stock and helps in keeping a track of client orders and ordering from suppliers most resourcefully.
> Customer Relationship – A CRM module integrated into a Project Management Solutions is important for companies that have deployed a sales force and/or more than a few customers.

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