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(I-BusinessNews.Com, December 03, 2020 ) Trends in Human Resource software market

Human Resource technology is continuously developing as the industry is inching away from manual tasks towards automated tools. Here are a few Human Resource trends that are presently shifting the momentum of HR.

Blockchain – HR software is making use of blockchain to collect all employee-related data in a safe and accessible database, automate data-based processes, and deliver HR-based scam protection and cybersecurity.

Employee engagement – With designations such as people scientists, chief people officers, and Vice Presidents of people, companies are increasing their efforts to understand and support their employees, thereby growing retention and refining recruiting and hiring efforts.

AI – AI-based HR software is enhancing the recruiting process; one example is Chatbots, which help majorly with candidate tracking and recruiting. AI, along with ML and NLP, are also popping up in other HR solutions including job interviews, corporate wellness, and employee support programs.

Experience matters – Human resource professionals and employers are currently more focused on employee and applicant experience. To hire and preserve the finest candidates for the job, HR teams are concentrating their attention on the experience of the candidate and employee and by leveraging tools that focus on employee engagement, employee acknowledgment, candidate experience, and corporate wellness.

Growing harassment consciousness and procedure – Tech vendors are starting to provide whistle-blower hotlines and other harassment complaint technology that will eliminate a company’s HR department from the process altogether.

IoT – Smartphones offer the baseline of IoT via Human resources by enabling the employees with flexible workspace options while enhancing employee engagement and performance management solutions. Furthermore, companies are executing health and fitness initiatives that make use of trackers that connect to corporate wellness initiatives. Meanwhile, an increasing number of industries are making use of employee wearables that can monitor workers’ actions to report and measure injuries.

Machine learning HR – Candidate monitoring and evaluation, career development, and business management are some of the activities associated with ML in HR. Machine learning includes the study of learning from and making forecasts based on data, and HR departments are applying these systems to regulate issues such as candidates’ possible attrition. These tools leverage data to help control applicant success, possible career growth paths, and the perfect sizes for the team and department growth.

VR and AR – HR software will keep on executing and growing AR/VR software for interviewing, training, and TMSs, to name a few. VR trips of the office, for instance, can provide applicants a tour of the office and plunge them into the company culture during the hiring or onboarding process.

Recent Developments

In May 2020, Toronto based Ceridian acquired Singapore based Excelity Global Solutions, a human capital management service provider.

In February 2019, Ultimate Software, which creates cloud-based human resources management software was acquired by Hellman & Friedman Capital Partners for $11 Bn.

In December 2019, Stone Point Capital acquired a majority stake in PrismHR.

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