8 Incredibly Useful Project Management Software for Your Businesses


(I-BusinessNews.Com, October 13, 2020 ) Project management software is a software which is used for various purposes in a project, such as planning, scheduling, resource allocation, and change management. It allows project managers, stakeholders, and users to control costs and manage budgeting, quality management, and documentation and can also be used as an administration system. It is an online system for collaborating and working on tasks in organizations. These online systems provide real-time information to the managers and make the performance of tasks easy. In addition, they allow organizations to allocate specific resource for specific tasks. Correct allocation can reduce operational cost and the overall risk associated with tasks being performed.
The Top 8 Project Management Software includes:

1. Asana – Asana helps project managers keep their data and teams organized and connected. Users can monitor tasks, sub-tasks, projects, milestones, task assignees, dependencies and due dates. The main features of their product include –

• Boards – Users can post their notes like sticky notes and keep track of their work and progress.
• Timeline–Users can create their own timeline with project plans and chart relationships between tasks and keep track of any changes in the work arrangements.
• List – List can help users to maintain records and keep track of progress at each step of the project all in one place.
• Calendar – The calendar view in Asana, allows users to view their and track overlaps in schedule and adjust schedules.

2. SmartSheet – SmartSheet enables tasks and complex portfolios to be managed better. It is an efficient tool to streamline workflows, eliminate silos, and achieve more. The main features of their product include –

• Project Plans and Schedules – SmartSheet allows users to increased coordination among teams, standardize important project elements and plan schedules as per resource availability and preference.
• Task Tracking – Task tracking in Smartsheets enables project managers to view team priorities and develop a sense of accountability in the team.
• Dashboard–Smartsheets allows users to create reporting with real time metrics and boost the visibility of programs and summarize progress across multiple teams and increase stakeholder confidence.
• Resource Management – The software allows users to plan and deploy their resources more efficiently.
• Budget Tracking – Budget tracking helps project managers control planned and actual expenses against the project. It also helps maintain transparency for portfolio financials.
• 3Monday.com – The features of Monday.com include –
• Remote Management – Monday.com offers project managers to work with their remote teams more efficiently.
• Automation – Routine tasks and activities can be automated using Monday.com leading to better efficiency among the team.
• Integration – Monday.com allows users to integrate with existing tools that are used saving cost and time.
• Single Shared Workspace – The software can be used by all users to communicate in one single location so the entire team is on the same page with the progress and tasks.
• Airtable – Airtable can be used to organize work in a more efficient manner. The features of Airtable include –
• Customized View – The software has various views which can be used depending on user’s preference. These views include lists, grids, Kanban, calendar, gallery, forms.
• Blocks – Airtable Blocks allows users to access a variety of app-like functionalities that can be mixed and matched to create the perfect workflow for teams.
• Templates – Airtable provides a list of templates that can be used for specific purposes and make work more efficient.
• Basecamp–Basecamp is the go-to tool for remote working. The features of basecamp include –
• Message Board – The message board is used to communicate with the team and post messages on the progress of the project.
• Group Chats – Group chats enable the team is communicate more efficiently and effectively and ensures all members are on the same page.
• To-Do – To do list allows users to stay organized and work on top priority tasks.
• Automatic Check-Ins – Automatic Check-in’s enable users to post questions at timely intervals on status updates without moving focus from current tasks.


3. Trello – Trello is a Kanban project management tool. The features of trello include –

• Multiple teams – The trello board allows users to work with multiple tools and ensure tasks are planned smoothly.
• Access – The software allows users to access the data on their mobile phones and their systems allowing everyone to stay on top on tasks.
• Automation – The tool has its own automation bot -Butler – that helps users perform routine tasks faster.

4. Wrike – The features of Wrike are listed below –

• Visibility – The software allows users to view reports in real-time and create status various team’s projects.
• Simple Planning – The platform allows for easy planning and help execute plan in a more structured manner leading to success.
• Collaboration –Wrike allows users to communicate and collaborate all in one place ensuring there are no breakdowns in communication.
• Teamwork – Teamwork is a work and project management tool help team to improve communication, build transparency and accountability and get timely results. The features of Teamwork include –
• Speed – The tools allows users to deliver impactful results that in a faster manner.
• Collaboration –Teamwork allows users to plan, communication and execute easily.
• Automated Project Workflows – Teamwork allows users to customize their plans and automate project workflows as per their preferences.

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Other project management software tools include ACE Software, Allegra, Apptivo, Breeze, ClickUP, COR, Doodle, Duet, Easy Projects, Float, Flow, Forecast, Freedcamp, Husky, Linkd, Microsoft Corporation, Nifty, Open Projects, Oracle Corporation, ProofHub, Redmine, SAP SE, Squish, Swit and Thrive.

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