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(I-BusinessNews.Com, October 17, 2019 ) Market Overview:
Underwater power connectors are designed to connect power in applications that include equipment placed on the ocean floor. Market players are forced to distinguish their products and services through clear and unique value propositions to survive and succeed in this competitive environment. For instance, TE Connectivity’s SEACON series offers a wide range of over 2500 underwater electrical and fiber optic connectors. Products include electrical dry-mate, optical hybrid dry-mate, electrical underwater mateable, and others.

Market Dynamics:
The Underwater Connectors Market growth is driven by the growing demand for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs). AUVs are being deployed for underwater survey missions required in defense, commercial, and scientific research sectors. These vehicles require connectors, which are water and corrosion resistant as they are majorly exposed to seawater. The implementation of underwater connectors in AUVs provides wireless power transfer, increasing its adoption in these vehicles.

Steady rise in oil and gas industry coupled with a significant increase in military and defense spending is expected to fuel growth in the Underwater Connectors Market.

Market Segmentation:
By Type, the Underwater Connectors Market is segmented into Rubber-molded, Inductive Coupling, Fluid-filled Underwater Mateable Connector, and Rigid-shell/Bulk-headed.

By Application, the Underwater Connectors Market is segmented into Oil and Gas, Military and Defense, Telecommunication, and others. Underwater connectors have enabled significant progress in the modularization of multiple systems in oil & gas, defense, and oceanographic industries.

Geographical Analysis:
By geography, the Market is segmented into North America, Asia-Pacific (APAC), Europe, South America, and the Middle East and Africa (MEA).

In 2018, North America and Asia-Pacific together accounted for more than 60% market share in the global market. Demand for underwater power connectors in the region is likely to increase in the next few years, owing to the rise of new production centers. Moreover, the rising development of the oil & gas sector will further boost demand for underwater connectors.

Competitive Analysis:
Some major players in the market are Eaton Corporation, Fischer Connectors SA, Birns Aquamate LLC, Marshall Underwater Industries, Inc., and Hydro Group PLC. Other key players in the market are Glenair Inc, Birns Aquamate LLC, Teledyne Marine, GISMA Steckverbinder GmbH, and Amphenol Corporation.

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