Dicamba Herbicide Market Share, Size, report and Forecast 2026

(I-BusinessNews.Com, October 16, 2019 ) Market Overview:
Dicamba is a benzoic acid compound that is used as selective herbicide in wide range of weed management practices across the globe. Since its first registration as herbicide in 1967, dicamba herbicides have been extensively in use in agricultural practices for controlling the growth of perennial weeds in cotton, soy, wheat and other crops. It is used as an active ingredient in various weed control products intended for killing weeds in crop lands, lawns, and roads.

Market Dynamics:
The development of dicamba-tolerant crops is the major driver for the growth of the market. In 2017, Monsanto launched Roundup Ready Xtend, a decamba-resistant GM soy variant and the company now under Bayer AG is planning to launch XtendFlex soybean technology that is tolerant to dicamba, glyphosate, and glufosinate. The need for crop protection has been rising with growing demand for food and declining arable land.

However, the toxic effect of dicamba herbicides, particularly acid formulations on farmers and environment is hindering the growth of global dicamba herbicide market. The tendency of dicamba herbicides to drift to surrounding fields results in widespread damage to non dicamba-tolerant crops.

Market Segmentation:
The Dicamba Herbicide Market has been segmented by form into liquid and granular. Liquid dicamba herbicides evolved as the largest segment of the market owing to ease of application benefit of liquid formulations over their dry counterparts. The rising practice of foliar application is driving the growth of liquid dicamba herbicide market across the globe. The advantages offered by direct fertilization of herbicides such as easy absorption into plant parts and almost instant functioning is motivating the use of liquid formulations. These products are applied by the means of hose sprayers, aerosol sprays, and other foliar techniques.

Geographical Analysis:
By geography, global dicamba herbicide market is segmented into North America, South America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa. North America evolved as the largest market for dicamba herbicide market owing to large demand for selective herbicides in the region. The use of dicamba herbicides was first registered in U.S. and since then the market has been witnessing significant growth.

Competitive Analysis:
The global dicamba herbicide market is consolidated with global agrochemical companies such as Syngenta, Monsanto, BASF, Nufarm, and Adama. Other key players in the market are Gharda Chemicals Ltd., Alligare, LLC, SinoHarvest, Royal Fertichem Pvt. Ltd., and Shanghai Profirst Co., Ltd.

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