Smart Speaker Market is expected to be more than USD 18 Billion by the end of year 2024

(I-BusinessNews.Com, September 07, 2019 ) According to Renub Research market research report “Smart Speaker Market & Volume by Platform (Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Siri, Others), Countries, Regions, Companies (Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Xiaomi)” the Global Smart Speaker Market is expected to be more than USD 18 Billion by the year 2024. A smart speaker is a type of speaker which has no wires, and it has the voice instruction enabled device with an assembled virtual assistant that offers interactive actions and hands-free activation with the help of one “hot word”. Smart speakers also act as an intelligent device which has in-built Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other wireless protocol standards. These features have usage beyond audio playbacks, such as to control home automation devices.

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The advantage of a wireless speaker system has no wires are connecting the speakers to the sound system. It can put the speakers anywhere within transmission range and no tripping that leads back to the sound system. Some disadvantages come with wireless networks such as wireless speakers still require power; they likely need to plug the speaker into a charging source. Interference can be another problem. Dropped signals can also be an issue if a transmitter or receiver stops working or drops out; it will affect the listening experience. The factors influencing smart speaker adoption are, specifically with regards to privacy, has five distinct categories as pros and cons: security concerns, identity as an early adopter, convenience, contributing factors, perceived lack of utility, and privacy.

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Market Summary:

By Platform: This research report covers: Market, market share, volume, volume share of following platforms: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Siri, and other platforms, in which Amazon Alexa has the biggest market share.

By Regions: The global smart speaker market is divided into North America, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa with the market, market share, volume, volume share analysis. Among all regions, North America is leading the market.

By Countries: Market, market share, volume, volume share of United States, United Kingdom, Germany, China, and other countries are provided in this research report. The United States holds a significant market share of the Smart Speaker market.

By Companies: Overview, Initiatives & Recent Developments and Sales analysis of Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Xiaomi are provided in this research report.

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Key Topics Covered :

1. Introduction
2. Research & Methodology
3. Executive Summary
4. Growth Driver – Smart Speaker

4.1 Growing Market of Smart Homes
4.2 Growing GDP per Capita
4.3 Rising Internet Penetration across the Globe

5. Challenges– Smart Speaker

5.1 Issues related to Compatibility and Power
5.2 Privacy and Security Concern
5.3 Localization of Languages
5.4 High Cost of the Devices

6. Opportunities – Smart Speaker
6.1 Increasing Focus of Companies on Enhancing Customer Experience
6.2 Establishment of 5G Infrastructure
6.3 Advancement of Natural Language Processing (NLP)

7. Comparison of Products – Smart Speaker

8. Smart Speaker Volume & Market Analysis
8.1 Smart Speaker Market
8.2 Smart Speaker Volume

9. Market Share – Smart Speaker Analysis
9.1 By Platform
9.2 By Country
9.3 By Regions

10. Volume Share – Smart Speaker Analysis
10.1 By Platform
10.2 By Country
10.3 By Regions

11. Platform – Smart Speaker Market
11.1 Amazon Alexa
11.2 Google Assistant
11.3 Apple Siri
11.4 Others

12. Platform – Smart Speaker Volume
12.1 Amazon Alexa
12.2 Google Assistant
12.3 Apple Siri
12.4 Others

13. Regions – Smart Speaker Market
13.1 North America
13.2 Latin America
13.3 Eastern Europe
13.4 Western Europe
13.5 Asia Pacific
13.6 Middle East & Africa

14. Regions – Smart Speaker Volume
14.1 North America
14.2 Latin America
14.3 Eastern Europe
14.4 Western Europe
14.5 Asia Pacific
14.6 Middle East & Africa

15. Country – Smart Speaker Market
15.1 United States
15.2 United Kingdom
15.3 Germany
15.4 China
15.5 Others

16. Country – Smart Speaker Volume
16.1 United States
16.2 United Kingdom
16.3 Germany
16.4 China
16.5 Others

17. Investments

18. Companies Covered
18.1 Amazon
18.2 Apple
18.3 Google
18.4 Microsoft
18.5 Xiaomi

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