(I-BusinessNews.Com, May 15, 2019 ) Marketing funnels are an excellent means of attracting the most desirable customers, but they’re a marketing method that’s often misunderstood. It’s essential to have the appropriate type of funnel for the specific business. Doug Morneau, the host of the podcast Real Marketing Real Fast, joined forces with marketing funnel expert, Michelle Evans, to explain what a sales funnel is and how to implement them successfully.

“When I talk to people, their idea of a sales funnel is to drive cold traffic to a hard sell landing page, and then there’s a thank you second step and that’s a funnel,” said Morneau. “That’s really like a fire hosing people into a corner and trying to get them to drink more.”

“What a funnel is really, really good at is helping you attract the right people and take them through a holistic journey that gets them ready to buy from you, and for some people, that journey’s super short because the sale is relatively small or relatively easy,” said Evans.

Many business owners erroneously view funnels as a high-tech method that will instantly increase traffic to their website and increase sales. Before implementing a marketing funnel, business owners must know who their customers are, the problems they have, and how they intend to solve those problems.

A successful marketing funnel invites potential customers into the website through relevant content, engages them, and tells the consumer what the company does and why they should buy from that particular business. It’s a technique that builds trust and creates an environment for long-term business relationships. The goal is to attract quality buyers, not court huge numbers that will never buy anyway, and have them opt into the company’s landing page.

A technique that Evans has found to be highly effective in identifying the type of funnel that best fits a client is to have a conversation with clients rather than telling them what to do. It’s important for business owners to understand that marketing funnels are long-term strategies and there are different types of funnels that can be employed.

Quiz funnels are particularly effective for discovering client concerns. Business owners can then market to that need by demonstrating how they can solve the problem while making people feel that they’re part of an elite clientele. Business owners must be authentic about what they offer – customers can tell if they’re not.

Business owners have multiple types of marketing funnels that they can utilize to create the best ROI, but they must first understand what their customers need and want. Once that has been determined, an effective funnel can be created that addresses their concerns in a way that the competition can’t.

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