How to Get 1 Million Followers in 30 Days

(I-BusinessNews.Com, May 14, 2019 ) Digital marketing and business strategist, Brendan Kane, shared his secrets of accruing followers through social media marketing and Facebook ad testing with Doug Morneau, host of the Real Marketing Real Fast podcast. Kane was able to obtain an impressive 1 million followers in just 30 days.

Kane began building technology platforms and licenses for some of the biggest companies in the world. Those opportunities and partnerships enabled him to work with some of the largest celebrities on the planet and eventually led to building platforms for Taylor Swift and beyond that, predictive calculations for social media platforms for Facebook ad testing.

“When you talk about Taylor Swift, what few people don’t know is that she built her fan base one by one herself, she didn’t have a huge record label, she didn’t have millions of dollars of marketing budget, so that experience really taught me how to tap into brand advocates and get to fuel word of mouth sharing,” said Kane.

Businesses must be able to reach their target audience through content that resonates with a specific demographic and one of the ways to do that is through Facebook ad testing. Individuals don’t care how many followers a company or celebrity has, or how they acquired them, as long as they’re informed or entertained.

“When I look at social media, I’m really looking for engagement, are people engaging in commenting,” said Morneau. “I remember seeing at one point that the average person had 500 connections on Facebook. There’s a big difference between 500 and a million.”

Reaching that 1 million follower mark begins with what the business owner thinks will best represent its brand, product or service. Step two is testing the hypothesis by creating low-cost proof such as Facebook Ad testing. The final phase is analyzing the results to ascertain if it generated a purchase, a share, a like or a click. If not, the testing process begins all over again with a new hypothesis, test, and analytics.

Engagement is the most important factor and businesses only have approximately three seconds to capture a viewer’s interest. A lot of people may like a page, but only a few have chosen to follow it. Facebook ad testing is an easy to use social media marketing research tool to determine what works best for an individual business. Multiple content variations can be created, from documents and images to videos.

There are five basic variations to be tested – the three-second rule, headline, demographics, interest level, and geolocation. Kane tested over 5,000 content variations over the course of 30 days and social media marketing technology makes the process easier, faster and cost-efficient.

Social media marketing with Facebook ad testing doesn’t require a large budget to obtain the results needed for an accurate assessment that can generate 1 million followers in as little as 30 days. Facebook also provides a powerful platform for building massive email lists that can assist in reaching that magical number of 1 million followers.

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