(I-BusinessNews.Com, May 13, 2019 ) Houston, TX — Nolen Davis, holder of Guinness Book of World Records, founder and host of UP Social Live, together with members build businesses and the community. UP Social Network is a Houston business networking group that helps build members’ businesses. As these businesses grow, each or collectively find a way to give back to the community.

In a recent move to help the disadvantaged in Houston, Mr. Davis and his business network gave 10,000 pounds of food (5,000 pounds of beans and 5,000 pounds of rice) to a food drive with Jammin’ Jimmy Olson that helps stock the Houston Food Bank.

Many people go hungry in Houston, so giving to the Food Bank helps, but many families do not have disposable income to pay for fun stuff. Mr. Davis and his network know this, so to keep them happy, he took 55 young kids with disabilities from low income neighborhoods to the IFly of The Woodlands were these kids experienced indoor skydiving.

When asked how UP Social is different from another business networking groups, Mr. Nolen respond by saying, “We like to do things a lot different. We literally build each other’s business, as we make more money, we give back to the community.”

UP Social is a group to reckon with. If the group is not giving to the community, it is setting out to be different; to shattering records. In 2016, Mr. Davis broke the Guinness Book of World Records for most TV interviews within a 24 hours period. To achieve this feat, Mr. Davis interviewed 173 business owners in 24 hours during this UP Social event. The record before that was 70 interviews in 24 hours, so Mr. Davis and his UP Social network beat the record by 103 interviews.

When asked how he would compare UP Social with any other business networking group in Houston. Mr. Davis retorted, “How many networking groups can you join and say they broke the Guinness Book of World Record?” There really is none. UP Social is in its own class with livestreaming and digital networking. It is the business network to join – that is if an entrepreneur wants to grow his business and make a difference in his community. To join UP Social Network, go to its Facebook page: .

About UP Social Network
UP Social is a weekly networking group for business owners with many locations throughout Houston. Each session of the networking is livestreamed over Youtube, Facebook and other social media. During this livestream, members can promote businesses, learn from each other or from free workshops. Members and none-members who cannot attend live events, watch and network from their computers or phones.

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