How to Use Webinars to Improve Sales

(I-BusinessNews.Com, May 09, 2019 ) Todd Earwood, CEO of MoneyPath, specializes in building sales growth and providing technology solutions for clients. One of the tools he uses is webinars and he shared his expertise with Doug Morneau, host of the Real Marketing Real Fast podcast.

“It starts with lead capture,” said Morneau. “Walk us through that process.”

“Webinars marry marketing and sales the best of anything we’ve done,” said Earwood. “We focus heavily on the pain and avoiding that pain. People will do more to avoid pain than they will to pursue gain.”

“Pain” avoidance is a powerful motivator. People will do almost anything to avoid tasks they dislike, perceive as inconvenient, or a waste of their time. Marketers that can get into the psyche of potential customers can plant a small kernel that can blossom into enormous sales. Webinars are ideal vehicles for the approach and solving the “pain” or problems of customers.

Many companies unintentionally place barriers in front of customers that are willing to purchase by overcomplicating the process. Webinars provide a faster lane to accelerate purchases for those that are already prepared to buy while removing impediments for the undecided. The hook with webinar sales is removing the pain point while maintaining a narrow focus.

Today’s webinars are private and exclusive events complete with an MC that introduces the speaker. As a thought leader, the speaker doesn’t introduce themselves or sell at the back of the room. The private nature of the webinar makes people feel special and that’s a key concept.

One technique that works extremely well when selling with webinars is presenting individuals with “five ways” to avoid the pain point that’s been established. The entire webinar is scripted and designed to engage the audience. It’s not blasted on social media or advertised. It’s an invitation-only event that makes the recipient feel privileged and it’s important that marketers have an essential email list for it.

People that attend webinars already have intent and far more information can be shared through audio and visual channels than mail or email. Webinars should be structured to lead individuals through the purchasing process and make it easy for them.

Potential customers have the opportunity to learn about the company and discover how its product or service can help them. It’s a process that can be used over and over and works equally well for multiple industries and markets. Selling with webinars helps build relationships and accelerate sales, but it’s imperative that the information presented is honest and transparent.

Always make a recording of the event – it can be used to promote a replay. The entire webinar process removes barriers to purchases and makes it easy for individuals to buy. From start to finish, it makes people feel special and that’s a key concept for any buyer.

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