Understanding Influencer Marketing and its Impact

(I-BusinessNews.Com, May 07, 2019 ) Companies have utilized celebrities for decades to promote their products, but the Internet has given rise to a new breed of an influencer. Rev Ciancio is a digital marketing expert, influencer, and one of the world’s top food bloggers. He shared his expert information and experience with Doug Morneau, host and founder of the Real Marketing Real Fast podcast.

“In influencer, there seems to be a lot of heat and light on that space,” said Morneau. “A major problem is that if you post a picture that may offend someone on social media, they can ban your ad. Then you look at regulations around cryptocurrency, CBD and medical marijuana and now even drug and alcohol treatment centers are under scrutiny and have to be approved first by Google. So you can’t even buy an ad if you really wanted to.”

“Influencer marketing is a specialized version of word-of-mouth,” said Ciancio. “It’s a form of promotion where an entity like a business, agency or brand partners with an outspoken market leader that has curated their own audience and you’re doing it to augment your brand’s message, product or service. There are no ad blockers for sharing information about products or services with an influencer on their social media accounts.”

Influencers are Internet celebrities that have made a name for themselves as a trusted source of information on anything from comedy to makeup. The two questions companies contemplating an Influencer marketing program need to consider is the ultimate goal and if the influencer is a good fit for the business.

Before introducing any influencer program, companies need to ensure their information is absolutely correct everywhere online. If a campaign is launched and consumers search for the nearest restaurant offering the special offer, incorrect information will derail even the best of campaigns if customers can’t find the correct eatery.

Once an influencer marketing campaign has been launched, reputation management is critical for the inevitable negative reviews. It doesn’t matter if the customer’s complaint or opinion is factually valid or not. It’s an opportunity to adjust the product and the influencer campaign in real time.
The Influencer Sponsored Post Calculator for Instagram is an excellent tool for allocating influencer marketing funds. It provides information about estimated earnings per post an individual influencer is getting.

Influencer marketing works best when it drives awareness and is part of a larger campaign with a business tie-in and can encompass ads on Facebook or TV, press releases, or a launch party. Influencer marketing is one piece of a multi-faceted puzzle and businesses should know and understand the people with which they’re working.

Businesses and influencers must work together on the marketing plan, limit restrictions, and give the influencer creative freedom for the campaign to succeed – and don’t be afraid to hire an agency that specializes in influencer marketing.

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