Marketing Videos on Press Releases Increase Visibility by 552 Percent and Grow Revenues 49 Percent Faster than None-Videos Promotions.


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Joseph Nchor, Editor/Publisher of EmailWire at UpSocial Network

(I-BusinessNews.Com, May 04, 2019 ) Houston, TX – Business videos are everywhere. Small and medium size companies, corporations, marketing firms are producing, publishing and distributing business videos on social media more than ever. The global growth of mobile phones and the apps that facilitate their use have pushed companies to use videos in press releases to increase visibility and to increase revenue faster than none video users.

But what exactly are business videos? These are audio-visual content or moving images and sound that have the primary purpose to market products or services. However, business videos are also used in educating, entertaining, explaining or guiding the end user to achieve a certain objective.

While end users can view these videos on flat television screens or personal computers, their primary platforms for this task are mobile devices such as tablets or mobile phones. The latter are ubiquitous.

In 2017, according to data from GSMA, there were 5 billion unique users of mobile phones around the world. The data reveals that by 2020, 75 percent of the world’s population will have access to mobile phones. Currently, as of 2019, Statista reports that 62.9 percent of the world’s population own mobile phones.

So, what is driving the growth of mobile phones around the world? One may think that verbal communication is the driver. No. Stats show that the rate of of use of mobile phones for calls is dropping. Smartphones are primarily used today for Internet browsing. Hosting Facts reports that 52.2 percent of internet traffic comes from mobile phones in 2018, while 90 percent of the time spent on mobile phones is to use apps.

The dominant apps used in 2018 among young people, according to Pew Research Center, are YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat. Adult too are using apps to create and access videos for entertainment or business over social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

On YouTube alone, 400 hundred hours of videos are uploaded every minute, 5 billion of videos are watched every day by more than 1.9 billion users, according to Brandwatch.

The YouTube platform is the second largest search engine, and the number of its users is expected to double every year. For shoppers, 1 out of 4 uses YouTube to search for video before visiting a store, and 64 percent are more likely to buy a product online after viewing a video, reports Brandwatch.

On Facebook, users watch videos 100 million hours per day, and 45 percent of users spent more than an hour on videos per week. On Twitter, 82 percent of users watch videos. Linkedin and many other social media platforms are allowing professionals and businesses to upload and view videos as well.

Among businesses, 86 percent of marketers use video content, and they use it to grow revenue 49 percent faster than none-video users, explains Rederforest.

Marketers, posting videos on their websites, on social media or add them on press releases for distribution, are more likely to receive 1200 percent shares more than text or images. Videos that accompany press releases with images are more likely to increase visibility by up to 552 percent according to PR Newswire.

Video marketing on social media and the rest of the Internet will continue to grow as more people have access to mobile phones with apps that support uploads and downloads of videos. Business that use videos in marketing will also continue to increase their revenues faster than none video users. For businesses, organizations or other entities putting out news releases, including videos and other multimedia will help their communication reach and captivate more audiences.

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