Guns Drawn on Small Business Owner’s Children by California State BOE

When law-abiding Citizens and small businesses have to abide by the law, the least thing (BOE) can do is follow the law themselves.

(EMAILWIRE.COM, August 06, 2017 ) Los Angeles, CA — Unfortunately, Giannini Bistro and Grill (GBG) Italian restaurant located on “The Blvd,” in Lancaster, California, has become a bull’s eye target by California State Board of Equalization (BOE) Taxing Agency.

Ironically (BOE) itself was recently placed under criminal investigation by the California Department of Justice. Inside dealing, favors, and misuse of State money have been alleged, which led the Governor to seize control of the entity.

When law-abiding Citizens and small businesses have to abide by the law, the least thing (BOE) can do is follow the law themselves.

However, what one does in the dark eventually comes to the light. (BOE) has finally been brought to the light in targeting small business owners and mismanagement of taxpayer funds.

(GBG) is a restaurant my husband and I frequent often, and has grown to be one of our favorite restaurants in the Antelope Valley.

As a food critic, I constantly compare restaurants to each other however GBG is the only restaurant that will cook in sync with our busy work schedules, related to their “Call Ahead to Order” service.

By the time we arrive at the tranquil, serene, ritzy restaurant, on the BLVD, filled with an angelic, peaceful loving atmosphere, our food is ready for consumption within our time crunched lunch hour. GBG gets it, with allowing their customers to “Call Ahead to Order.”

One day in observing Sharon Giannini, during one of our “Call ahead to order” meals, she did not seem herself. I asked Sharon what was wrong. Sharon advised (BOE) has targeted our business, as if orchestrated witches hunt and they even had guns drawn against our children, raided both our home and business.

(BOE) to this present date has not even conducted an audit on our business. We are not criminals, we are hardworking Americans just trying to earn an honest living for honest pay, says Sharon!

The (BOE) representative is an investigator in “name only,” for (BOE). Meaning the (BOE) representative is not even a “State Approved” Licensed investigator with the state.

Contrary, one would think that any person putting him or herself out as an investigator, enters a home or business to raid with guns drawn, they better darn well be from law enforcement.

Another discovery found, that BOE has over $28,000.00 un-applied funds just sitting in a suspense account as well as a $50,000 Surety Bond, which list the BOE as additionally insured.

Question of the day, how is that a business becomes the target of BOE and it refuses to apply funds.

Watch CBS News interview with BOE Member regarding Criminal investigation underway and now against BOE:

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