Blue-Garuda Mobile Accessories have just released their newest product called a Slim Car Pocket Organizer which they claim helps drivers to stay organized on the road. The aim of this vehicle accessory is to put an end to the problem of trying to find it


(EMAILWIRE.COM, July 05, 2017 ) According to Blue-Garuda, the idea behind this latest addition is to overcome one of the major frustrations amongst drivers and that is items continuously falling under car seats and in gaps around consoles. Thus, the car pocket organizer helps to combat this by allowing essential items to be stored centrally and within easy reach, keeping car consoles tidy and free from clutter making for a more pleasant and stress-free drive.


Dominic James, Head of Marketing at Blue-Garuda had this to say, “as a result of our market research we found that a vast number of vehicle owners were using the console area and more specifically cup holders as storage. This then made it difficult to locate particular items and also use that space for what it was meant for i.e. holding beverages. We therefore hope that our latest product will help alleviate this issue by providing drivers a convenient place to store essential items and keep them within close proximity. This will then help them to concentrate on the road ahead.”


The car pocket organizer is made from premium quality PU Leather and has a fabric trim, making it hard wearing and secure. It also comes with a carbon black metal clip, which acts as a divider and also keeps items upright such as phones and pens. Multiple names include Car Caddy or Car Side Pocket Catcher.


This latest in-car accessory can be placed not only in-between the car seat and console but it can also be used as a car seat side pocket and installed freely anywhere else within the vehicle thanks to the supplied 3M tape. Eight 3M tape squares come included as standard for extreme stability as claimed by the manufacturer.


Additional features:


– Designed to hold everyday items such as mail, notes and diaries.

– Suitable for holding mobile phones while charging and any additional cables.


The minimal design of this in-car accessory allows it to be fitted easily and discretely. Weighing only 3.5 ounces this car pocket organizer can be transferred between different vehicles with ease, but is still strong enough to support larger phones and stationary.


Blue-Garuda Mobile Accessories are confident that their new product will eliminate the headache drivers face in maintaining an organized console and dash. And that customers will benefit from the convenience, design and versatility that this latest product has to offer.


Blue-Garuda’s latest product comes on the back of their hugely popular Magnetic Car Mount, which was featured on Tld Today by Jonathan Morrison.


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